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An alphabetical list of taxidermists in the Natural Sciences collection cared for by the Hampshire Cultural Trust.



Adams, Thomas 
Bird fancier, taxidermist and greengrocer, with premises in the High Street, Bishops Waltham from c1896 - 1899. He is later listed as being based at Houchin Road/Street. The last entry found in the directories is 1925. 

Albery, William
Hairdresser and naturalist, who lived in an area known as The Spain in Petersfield. His premises were based in Chapel Street from c1867-c1875. The directories for 1878 show his home address as The Spain, but he is not listed as having an occupation. He is, however, listed in 1896 and later in 1902 as a hairdresser in Dragon Street.

Allen, George and Son

In 1871 directories they were listed as a firm of photographers. By 1873 George Allen and Son had branched out as photographers and naturalists based in Normandy Street from c1873 until 1878 when they moved premises to the High Street. Their advertisements shows that they also cleaned oil paintings and prints as well as making picture frames to order.

Anderson, R
Taxidermist with premises in Cathedral Yard, Winchester 1854. 

Anderson, Robert
One of two animal and bird preservers based in Union Road, Landport c1852.

Artlett, Francis

He had a premises at 46 Commercial Road, Landport from c1855. He had probably taken over the shop from Thomas Cook. The business was later moved up the road to number 328 where he was based from c1878-1903. He was a carver, guilder and bird preparer.

Baker, Jack
Naturalist based at 123 Duke's Road, Portswood, Southampton from c1899-1923.

Barron, Noble William
Bird preserver based in Richard Terrace, Alverstoke, Gosport c1852.

Barrow, T A

Taxidermist based in the High Street, Christchurch.

Batchelor, C
Based in Hyde Street, Winchester from 1854-c1855

Beazley, George

Naturalist and later bird preserver who was based at 6 Swanmore Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight from c1850s-1870s.

Billet, George and Billet, Charles Walter
George Billet was a naturalist and wire worker based at 110 High Street, Southampton from c1878-1907. An early reference made in 1878 describes him as a "sieve, cage etc. maker, wire worker and dealer in foreign birds". The premises were taken over by Charles Walter (?son) who is listed in the directories until 1915.

Bosanquet, Edward
Bookbinder and bird stuffer based at 8 Strand, Southampton from c1859-1899

Bowring, William
Based at Millbrook, Southampton c1890.

Bradshaw, George
"Bird stuffer" with premises at 32 Oxford Street, Southampton c1867.

Brown, Richard V
Bird and animal preserver originally based (c1848) at 161/2 West Street, Southampton before moving to 33 Above Bar c1852.

Cantelo, Spencer
Animal and bird preserver with premises at 1 Lugley Street, Newport, Isle of Wight c1867.

Careless, George Dyer

Naturalist, based at 52 Arundel Street, Landport (c1890-c1895). He later had premises at 45 Arundel Street (c1899). 

Cathery, Desprow
Naturalist with premises at 53 Middle Street, Southsea c1880. He is listed in 1890 as being based at 28 Brunswick Road, Southsea.

Chalkley, Edward
Edward Chalkley took over the firm after William' Chalkey's death, although he concentrated on the fishing tackle side of the business. The firm remained in The Square, Winchester until 1966.
Pike HMCMS:Bi1977.521

Chalkley, William

Conacher, Peter Scott
Naturalist based at 1 Glenroy, Somerset Road, Ryde, Isle Of Wight from c1890-c1903.

Colburn, R C

Cole and Son

Cook, Thomas
Animal and bird preserver based at 46 Commercial Road, Landport c1852. By c1855 the premises were used by Francis Artlett.

Cooper, John
Animal preserver based at Willsham c1866. Mercer and Crocker's directory for 1871 still lists him at the same location. He preserved a large number of the animals and birds for the Curtis Museum in Alton. Many of these still survive today in the HCCMS collections.

Cotton, John
Bird and etc. preserver based in Stockbridge from c1859. He is listed in the 1867 directory as a hairdresser and naturalist.

Curtis, William

Curtis, W
Bird preserver who worked in Lymington c1852-1855. His address is given as Church Lane and Church Street. Kelly's directory for 1855 lists him as a naturalist based in Church Street.



Davis, John Tank
Hairdresser, animal preserver and mail contractor based in the High Street, Bishops Waltham c1867.

Dawkins, Albert
Originally listed 1878 as a hairdresser, based in the Hundred, Romsey. Two years later his occupation was "bird stuffer and tobacconist".

Dawkins, Joseph

Dore, David

Dowling, Edward
Bird fancier based at 78 Middle Street, Southsea, c1895-c1907.

Dunning, Frederick
Naturalist based in Marlborough Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight c1890-c1903.

Edney, Alfred 
"Bird stuffer" with premises at 26 Buckland Street, Landport in 1880. 

Elliot, George
Bird and animal dealer who traded at 31 St. Mary Street, Southampton from c1920-c1935. 

Farr, Elizabeth, Mrs
Naturalist based in Park Street, Shirley, Southampton c1875.

Foller, G
Bird and animal preserver based in Clarence Street, Southsea in 1839. 

Friend, Gilham
Based in King Street, Southampton c1829-c1830. 

Gasson, J 
Listed as based in City Road, Winchester in 1881. (Not listed in 1884) 

Green, Albert



Hall, William 
Taxidermist based in London Street, Whitchurch from c1903-c1927. 

Harding, Thomas

Hart, Edward

Hart, George
George appears to have taken over from Henry Hart at the Wootton Place Premises in Bournemouth where he is listed in 1880 as "a preserver of birds, animals, fishes and reptiles". He went on to work for PD Mallock of Perth in 1900. 

Hart, Henry
A bird dealer who started a business at Bow Place, Christchurch in the 1950's. By 1867 he had moved to Church Street, Christchurch, before taking on premises (c1875) at 10 Wootton Place, Bournemouth.

Hart, William and Son

Hawkins, Walter
"Hairdresser and bird stuffer" based in South Street, Havant from c1839-c1880. His main business appears to have been hairdressing as it is under this guise that he is listed more regularly. It is possible that for a short time he ran two businesses as the Post Office Directory for 1875 lists him as a hairdresser with premises in East Street. 

Haydon, Frederick William

Hayter, H 
Naturalist based at 7 Bedford Place, Southampton in 1903.

Hayward, Theodore
Naturalist and bird stuffer with premises at 56 Cumberland Street, Portsea from c1875-c1878.

Hendy, Charles 
Originally known as a "bird stuffer" in 1855 and later as a taxidermist from c1867-c1890. Charles Handy had premises originally at 6 Clifton Terrace, Manchester Street before moving to 10 Weymouth Terrace, Western Shore Road, Southampton c1875.

Holley, G

Holland, G 
Taxidermist based in The Square, Winchester cl896-1899.

Hotson, George 
Taxidermist and tobacconist with premises at 62 West Street, Havant in 1903. 

Howard, C 
Taxidermist based in London Street, Andover in 1890. It is thought that C Howard branched out into photography and picture framing with premises at 53 London Street (1890) and later at 81 High Street, Andover (1911). 

lbbetson, George
Bird preserver based at 144 Radcliffe Road, Southampton in the 1930's. 

James, Henry 
Gilder, picture framer and bird and animal stuffer based at 40A King's Road, Southsea in 1878. The premises are thought to have been on the corner of King's Street and Stone Street.

Jeffrey, Hugh G 
Taxidermist with premises at 75 Pyle Street, Newport, Isle of Wight from c1915-1939. 

Jeffery, Walter

Kersley, Ezekiel Newell
Bird and beast preserver with premises in Church Street from c1828 - c1832. 

King, Joseph
Originally known as a "bird stuffer" in 1867 and later as a naturalist from c1890-1899. Joseph King was based at Lower Bannister Street, Southampton from c1867 and moved to new premises in Compton Walk c1895. 

Loasby, A
Based at 2 Lawrence Road, Southsea 1907-8.



Marley, John
Based at 21 Arcade, Boscombe in 1899. 

Moreton, George
Son (?) of Henry Moreton. Based in the village of Meonstoke from c1890-c1903. 

Moreton, Henry
Preserver of birds, fishes etc. from Meonstoke c1855-c1880. 

Mott, William
Bird and animal preserver based in Castle Street, Christchurch from c1842-c1844 

Nicholson, Oliver 
Naturalist originally based at 257 Commercial Road, Landport c1867, before moving premises to 96 High Street, Portsmouth (cl875-1890). 

Parr, Edwin
Bird and animal preserver originally based in Lynchford Road, Farnborough cl890 before moving to new premises in Peabody Road c1895-c1907.

Payne, James T
Based at 55 Middle Street, Southsea, 1878. 

Patstone, John

Ponchaud, Arthur James

Ponchaud, James

Raymond, Benjamin

Naturalist who had premises at 183 Albert Road, Southsea c1907-c1915. 

Rogers, Henry James
Naturalist based at Easton, Freshwater, Isle Of Wight from c1867-c1899 

Rohu, Henry Stewart

Soanes, George Herbert 
Taxidermist based at 82 Church Road, Southsea in 1931 and later at 21 Besant Road, Landport from c1935-c1939.

Smith, Francis

Spencer, S 
Based at Queen Anne's Building, Bridge Street, Southampton c1907-8 

Spriggs, Henry 
Wire worker, bird cage manufacturer and bird stuffer based at 146 Queen Street, Portsea c1828-1829.

Sturgess, Thomas
Frank "Bird and animal stuffer" with premises at 85 Valley Road, Southampton c1890-c 1895.



Tate, George
An entomologist based in Lyndhurst c1890-c1895. 

Taylor, Charles 
"Bird stuffer" based at 5 Strand, Southampton c1855-1859. 

Taylor, John William 
Naturalist based variously at 213, 215 and 217 Arundel Street, Landport in the 1930's. 

Thornback, Frederick
Thornback, Frederick Bird dealer with premises at 39 High Street, Eastleigh in the 1920's. 

Tucker, lsabelle, Mrs
Taxidermist based at 35 Shirley Road, Freemantle, Southampton in 1939.

Turner, Thomas 
"Bird and animal stuffer" at 73 Orchard Lane, Southampton c1903-c 1907. 

Voller, George
"Bird stuffer" based at 27 Clarence Street, Landport, from c1844-c1847. 

Wadham, Percy

Walters, William 
Naturalist etc. based at 52 Hyde Street, Winchester in 1875. By 1880, Mrs. Walters solely is listed at the address. 

Ware, John 
"Bird stuffer" originally based at 94 High Street, Southampton c1830-c 1844. After this date he is listed in 1847 as an animal preserver and in 1852 as a bird and animal preserver when he was noted as "to the Queen". His business premises from c1847 were at 5 Strand and it is possible that he either sold or passed the business to Charles Taylor, another taxidermist, shortly after his accolade. 

Wiltshire, John
Listed in 1839 as a "bird stuffer, a bird and animal preserver" in 1842 and as a "cabinet maker, upholsterer and bird stuffer" in 1847. He was based in Folkestone Place, Winchester from c1839-c1847. 

Wright, John
Originally listed as a hairdresser in 1855, by 1878 he had expanded his business to hairdresser, perfumer and bird preserver. He was based at 32 High Street, Lymington. 

Wright, W
Taxidermist with premises in Hyde Terrace, Winchester, 1854

Yeoman, Charles

Young, H 
Naturalist based at 5 Parchment Street, Winchester from c1904-c1910.
Reference: Kelsall, J E, Rev; Munn, Philip W: 1905: The Birds of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight: Witherby and Co. 
'…four pine grosbecks were received in the flesh by a taxidermist at Great Yarmouth, about March 1st, 1889, 'affirmed to have been shot in the Woolmer Forest, Hampshire', but he believes they were sent in ice from Russia'.


Non Hampshire Taxidermists - in the biology collections

Allder, Tom
Ashmead and Co
Bates, Benjamin
Bazeley, George 
Bazeley, William 
Brameld, G
Cooper, J and Sons
Foot, AC
Gardner, James 
Gerrard, Edward and Sons
Gould, J
Gunn, T E 
T, Hall
Harwood, Leonard C
Helstrip, C
Kerrison, E P
Kidd, W
King, Joseph and Samuel
Shopland, H T
Smith, Ogden
Spicer, Peter and Son
Thorpe, Charles 
Topp, GA
Vingoe, William Henry 
Ward, Rowland
Williams, TM
Wright, W