Hampshire’s archival collections of Burberry material date from the 19th century, with billheads, advertisements, and packaging. From the Edwardian period there is memorabilia from
As a nation trading with Europe, China has a history extending back more than two thousand years. Famously, the Roman Empire imported vast quantities of silk from China via a chain
Cars 1903-1912 Thornycroft manufactured cars between 1903 and 1912. In the early part of this period, British cars sometimes used major items and components of foreign origin, but
The Thornycroft name has been associated with shipbuilding, marine engineering and other activities for well over a century. However, there are many people living today who can
Hampshire was the birthplace of some famous 20th century toys. Scalextric was first made at the Minimodels factory in Havant in 1956. Minibrix, an interlocking construction toy and
The Bromfield Herbarium (There are two herbaria - the other being housed at Kew) came into the care of the Hampshire County Council Museums Service in 2001. The core of the
An alphabetical list of taxidermists in the Natural Sciences collection cared for by the Hampshire Cultural Trust. A-C Adams, Thomas Bird fancier, taxidermist and greengrocer, with
WW Webbers of New Road and Southern Road have supplied cars in Basingstoke for more than 100 years. Walter William Webber moved to Basingstoke in the late 19th century as a grocers
Wallis and Steevens manufactured a wide range of products from agricultural machinery to road making equipment. The current collection began to be formed in the 1970s and is