If you had walked across the field to the south of Southwick Road and opposite St Nicholas' Church at Wickham in 1975, no trace of the stately property that once stood there would
The copper coinage issued by the crown, begun in 1672, was only ever issued grudgingly - because of the cost involved - and was never plentiful. Production was spasmodic and, as in
WH Allen's life as a working artist spanned more than fifty years, from the late 1880s to the early 1940s. During that time he painted many thousands of pictures, mainly in
Winchester Guildhall stands on part of the site of an estate granted by Alfred the Great to his wife Ealswith probably as a coronation gift in 871 AD. After his death she retired
The church of St Swithun's over Kingsgate is first recorded in 1264 and although the church is now in use it was in a ruinous condition by the 17th century. The Kingsgate
George Frederick Prosser was born in London and spent the first part of his working life in Camberwell and Guildford, Surrey where he was known as an author of topographical views.
Beatrice Olive Corfe was born in Winchester in 1866 the daughter of Edward Corfe a local tailor and woollen draper. Beatrice had five sisters, one a schoolmistress and three of
The fine art collection includes an album of one hundred and forty two drawing and watercolours, including images of Gosport and Portchester, produced between 1802-1813 by Captain
Lithophane is an invented word formed from the Greek for stone, litho, and phanes, meaning appearance. The things themselves were first seen at some point after 1827, when a French