Charles Bannerman Phillips was born in Bloomsbury, Middlesex, in 1848 and was educated at Winchester College from 1860 - 67 and then, from 1867 - 72, at New College, Oxford. He
One hundred years ago Dr J P Williams-Freeman felt that Ladle Hill was a prehistoric camp caught in the process of being flattened by early 19th century farmers, desperate to break
Winchester Palace was built on the site of the Winchester castle which was stormed by Oliver Cromwell in 1645 after a short siege during the English Civil War. Despite the damage
The medieval Westgate at the top of Winchester’s High Street is one of two old gateways into the city which have survived into the twenty-first century. It is owned by Winchester
The Marchioness of Winchester (Bapsy) was born Bapsybanoo Pavry at Bahrat, India, in 1902, the daughter of Khurshedji Erachji Pavry. The family were very wealthy and Bapsy attended