'The fair princess set her maids to work, and she herself cut out each garment. Snow-white silk from Araby and Zazamanc, and silk, green as clover did the princess bring forth, and
'Well, can you see anything?' 'Yes, wonderful things' (Howard Carter's reply to Lord Caernarvon upon first peering into the tomb of Tutankhamen). The tomb and its grave goods
Thornycroft kept a manuscript register of all the vehicles they built. These usually included the chassis and engine numbers, the name of the customer, date of delivery and a note
In the 1860s photography had been in existence for several decades, but was an expensive and laborious undertaking with large glass plate negatives measuring 8 x 10 inches (20.4 x
In the 3rd century AD, during the Roman occupation of Britain, the New Forest became an important centre of pottery production. The area had been cleared and cultivated from late
Stoneware is a type of pottery fired to a very high temperature; above 1200-1400 degrees Celsius. The high temperature vitrifies the clay so that even in an unglazed state it is
The City of Winchester is fortunate in having in its keeping the oldest surviving set of standard weights, the oldest standard yard measure and a fine collection of other ancient
The year 2010 marked the 900th anniversary of the founding of Hyde Abbey in the northern suburbs of Winchester. Held under the auspices of Hyde900, the community group set up to
Although William Savage is best known as a Winchester photographer he and his wife, Mary Ann, first traded in fancy wool and needlework goods from 12 The Square, where they