As a young boy Mike Peart stayed with his great uncle who had been Director of Education for Winchester and prominent Rotarian and Freemason. The collection of photographs were
Arthur Walter 'Jack' Pearce Entering his first ploughing match in 1906, Pearce would go onto win 270 first place awards and competing into his late 70s. Through his history file
The Ch'a Ching, the earliest book on the subject of tea, appeared in China in 780. Legend has it that tea was first drunk there more than three thousand years before, but it was
There are over 26,000 plants held in the Hampshire Cultural Trust collections. Most of them were collected in Hampshire, although our oldest plant (right), Ling, Calluna vulgaris
Geological Setting There are three outcropping geological periods in Hampshire; the Quaternary, the Paleogene and the Cretaceous. The sands, clays and gravels of the Quaternary
Permanent geological exposures provide the best opportunities for collecting. These are most frequently found along the coast particularly where sea cliffs are continuously eroding
Visiting cards were the calling cards of Regency and Victorian gentlemen and ladies, and they could be printed in small batches and kept clean in visiting card cases which became
Railway development in Hampshire was dominated by its closeness to London and the need to gain access to the south coast and the Isle of Wight. The expansion of the port of
Boots and shoes are one some of the most popular selling items on ebay, and recent surveys have indicated that Miss Average Great Britain today may own from twenty five to seventy