Hampshire Cultural Trust holds a delightful collection of several hundred bags and purses from the 18th century to the present day. These are ideal for exhibitions about embroidery
It’s little known that for about 18 months between1866 and the autumn of 1867 a company in Bishops Waltham made upmarket table ware. In the early 1860s a top-ranking civil servant
In August 1930, archaeologists arrived on the site of the old earthwork at Oliver's Battery, two miles to the south-west of Winchester. As they dug into the ditch, they discovered
Charlotte Mary Yonge the novelist was born on the 11th of August 1823 in Otterbourne, Hampshire and lived in the village her entire life. Her father William Crawley Yonge had left
The Hampshire County Council map collection cared for by Hampshire Cultural Trust consists of over 2000 maps of the county, which date from 1550 to the present day. There are maps
The Great War saw the first large scale introduction of submarines able to attack naval and merchant shipping. In the first sixteen months of World War One Allied losses exceeded 2
Mr William Simpson (1915-2013) was a keen collector of teddy bears. His first teddy bear named Rupert, bought in 1917 from Mrs Kennedy’s wool shop in Putney, was given to him as a
Tools tell us about the society that made them. The more advanced a society, the more it produces, and the more tools it uses. The story isn't one of continual development as there
Following the lengthy process of acquiring the Oakley Hoard, permission was given for me, HCT’s Archaeology and general objects conservator, to begin work in August 2019. Freshly