WW Webbers of New Road and Southern Road have supplied cars in Basingstoke for more than 100 years. Walter William Webber moved to Basingstoke in the late 19th century as a grocers
Wallis and Steevens manufactured a wide range of products from agricultural machinery to road making equipment. The current collection began to be formed in the 1970s and is
History of Taskers For 170 years, Taskers were a leading manufacturer of a wide range of agricultural implements and machinery, steam and stationary engines and road vehicles. The
What people are wearing in historical photographs can offer many clues as to the earliest possible date of a portrait, group photograph, or street scene with figures. Dress details
Herbert Druitt, founder of the Red House Museum, published a seminal book in two volumes, exploring the dress detail on monumental brasses around Britain, in 1906, when he was just
Examples of beetle-wing embroidery represent one of the more esoteric types of fancy needlework in the collection. Hampshire Cultural Trust holds European and especially English
If you had walked across the field to the south of Southwick Road and opposite St Nicholas' Church at Wickham in 1975, no trace of the stately property that once stood there would
The copper coinage issued by the crown, begun in 1672, was only ever issued grudgingly - because of the cost involved - and was never plentiful. Production was spasmodic and, as in
WH Allen's life as a working artist spanned more than fifty years, from the late 1880s to the early 1940s. During that time he painted many thousands of pictures, mainly in