Abbey House is now the official residence of the mayors of Winchester and has been in the ownership of the City of Winchester since 1890 when the house and gardens were purchased
Just to the southwest of the walled Roman town of Silchester is a late Iron Age earthwork. In 1985, for the first time in many years, the adjacent area was ploughed. Searching by a
Fifty years ago, in 1966, an excavation began at Kalis Corner, Kimpton, which proved to be of national importance. The discovery owed much to the landowner, William Flambert, whose
In 2004 Hampshire Museums Service purchased, with the aid of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, an archive of photographs, sketches and documents relating to the Tichborne Trials of
For three hundred and fifty years Winchester had its own mint striking coins under royal control. The first coins to carry the mint-signature of Winchester (ǷIN or ǷINC - The Anglo
Fans are costume accessories from the repertoire of a different, more gracious way of living, and are hence evocative of past elegance, embodying a lost language of both ceremony
'The fair princess set her maids to work, and she herself cut out each garment. Snow-white silk from Araby and Zazamanc, and silk, green as clover did the princess bring forth, and
'Well, can you see anything?' 'Yes, wonderful things' (Howard Carter's reply to Lord Caernarvon upon first peering into the tomb of Tutankhamen). The tomb and its grave goods
Thornycroft kept a manuscript register of all the vehicles they built. These usually included the chassis and engine numbers, the name of the customer, date of delivery and a note