Booklet form the Delhi Durbar, 1903

A souvenir booklet from the Delhi Durbar, 1 January 1903.

In total there were three Delhi Durbars to commemorate major royal events being the coronation of Queen Victoria as Empress of India 1877.  succession of King Edward VII 1903, and the coronation of George V. The 1903 Durbar was planned by Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India, and included two weeks of festivities showing an incredible display of wealth, pageantry, and power. Alongside Indian princes and maharajahs, journalists from around the world came to witness this elaborate display, ultimately highlighting the strength of the British Empire. Together, Lord Curzon wanted to emphasise and connect India's history and culture with the present India under British control. Finally, on 1 January 1903, the coronation ceremony took place highlighting the main event of the Durbar and confirming King Edward VII's succession to the throne.

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Souvenir of the Delhi Durbar showing a procession.