Disc Brooch

Early Anglo Saxon cast copper alloy circular disc brooch

An incomplete circular tinned cast copper alloy disc brooch from the Early Anglo-Saxon Pagan period, 450-550 AD. It has a simple stamped decoration of dots around the circumference with small triangles beneath them, all circling a dot within the center with an additional 2 larger circles surrounding it. On the reverse it is plain whilst retaining the integral cast lug and the catch plate, however, the pin is missing. Almost all decorative features of these disc brooch's were added after the casting process with stamps and circles engraved on using the center hole as an anchor. Tinning is common on these disc brooch's but not gilding (gold gilding normally being reserved for saucer brooch's) suggesting that these brooch's would've been complimentary to more decorative pieces that would've been worn, or perhaps by people of lower status/wealth than people who would've been wearing gold gilded accessories. 

This brooch was unearthed by a metal detectorist around the Winchester area.

This item can also be found on the Portable Antiquities Scheme website as: HAMP-FC1829

An early Anglo Saxon cast copper alloy circular disc brooch