A Look Forward and A Look Back

'A Look Forward and A Look Back' is a local history containing a series of articles about the history of Basingstoke, by Lions Club, 1968.

Following the transformation of Basingstoke into a London over spill new town, this redevelopment was commemorated through the production of a local history book by the Lions Club, published in 1968. This redevelopment included the construction of new housing, infrastructure, and a new shopping centre - now known as Festival Place. The book also highlights how this development will impact Basingstoke and the changes that are taking place. To add, Basingstoke's ancient seal is shown depicting St Michael slaying the dragon representing the fight and triumph over evil.

This object was audited and researched as part of the NLHF Data Hunters and Story Gatherers project.

Made possible with Heritage Fund
A look forward and a look back, with three images of Basingstoke, produced by the Lions Club 1968.