Post-Roman Finger Ring

Post-Roman Silver Finger Ring

A complete Roman or post-Roman silver finger-ring, dating to the late 4th-5th century AD. It was found by metal detectorist in Nether Wallop in 2017.

The silver ring is Brancaster Henig type XVI with a rectangular bezel and the hoop which widens slightly towards the bezel. The bezel, broadly rectangular in shape and measuring 10.01mm wide and 8.42mm in height, is flat on the inner face and slightly convex on the outer face. On the face of the bezel, there is decoration which depicts a wyrm curled twice around its tail and widening towards a broad flat head. The body of this wyrm is composed of V-shaped cuts, presumably to present a scaly appearance. At the four corners of the bezel are engraved the stars (one for each corner), with no further discernible decoration on the rest of the finger-ring.