Rectangular Buckle

Single looped copper alloy medieval rectangular buckle

An incomplete Medieval cast copper alloy rectangular single looped buckle and plate. c1350 - 1450. The buckle frame is rectangular with a rectangular cross-section and the pin rest protrudes from the outside edge as a triangular projecting grooved knob. The wrap around pin is flat and triangular with a raised rib at the head of the loop.  The plate is formed from metal sheet with a rectangular slot to accommodate the pin. The front of the plate is decorated with two X's each in a square going from corner to corner, the two squares make up the entire area of the rectangular plate. The plate is secured with a surviving rivet (one rivet is missing) and the object has a green patina and has traces of a silver gilding. The thicker buckle and minimal decoration suggest that this kind of buckle was mainly functional. In the following 16th century is when rectangular buckles became more fashionable and largely replaced oval and D shaped buckles.

This buckle was unearthed by a metal detectorist around the Winchester area.

This item can also be found on the Portable Antiquities Scheme website as: HAMP-C686F9 

A single looped copper alloy medieval rectangular buckle