Roman coin

Silver Roman coin

A silver Roman coin possibly dating to 253 AD - 268 AD. This is because on the obverse of the coin Salonina is present (who is the wife of Gallienus) complete with the inscription 'SALONINA AVG' and the crescent moon that her bust is sat on, being the opposite to the male sun crown called a radiate crown. The reverse of the coin reads 'VENVS FELIX' with the Roman goddess Venus sat in a chair with facing left. 'Venvs Felix' translates into 'Happy Venus', and with Venus being the Roman goddess of fertility, love and prosperity, this reverse was most likely to try and invoke her favor. 

This coin was unearthed by a metal detectorist around the Winchester area.

This item can also be found on the Portable Antiquities Scheme website as: HAMP-01C50D

A silver Roman coin