Teddy Bear

Vicky - William Simpson Teddy Bear Collection

This teddy bear, named 'Vicky' by Mr William Simpson who was an avid collector of more than 250 teddy bears, is made out of honey coloured hair fabric. It also has a swivel head and jointed limbs, homemade purple patterned skirt with two large flat pearl buttons, as well as a strip of red velvet used as belt. A card label from Christie's showing '17 May 2001, 417', 1950s accompanies the bear.

Vicky is a 1950s Invicta. One of the last bears made by the company before it ceased trading in the mid-1950s. The company was formed by two former designers of the Farnell Company just prior to WWII. The designers were said to have continued the high traditions of their former employer.