Teddy Bear

Hank - William Simpson Teddy Bear Collection

This teddy bear was named ‘Hank' by Mr William Simpson, who was an avid collector of more than 250 teddy bears. Hank is made of long plush fibre and has with a swivel head, jointed limbs and downward facing front paws. The teddy bear has brown stitching on the corner of its eyes and wears a blue neck ribbon. A label is stitched on this teddy bears' front, showing a lion and anchor logo, has 'Anker, Pluschtiere aus Munchen' on the reverse. Sadly the growl mechanism that is inside of this teddy bear is no longer working.

Hank is an Anker bear (an offshoot of Hermann empire of the Teddy Bear companies) and was probably made in the mid 1960s. Mr Simpson purchased Hank from the Old Bear Company.