Teddy Bear

Anne - William Simpson Teddy Bear Collection

This teddy bear was named ‘Anne’ by Mr William Simpson who was an avid collector of more than 250 teddy bears. This teddy bear is made out of very soft honey coloured polyester fabric, with darker ears, muzzle and pads. A light bronze and a white ribbon are attached at the Anne's front. A label on Anne's back shows Cuddle Wit details.

Sophie belongs with two other bears - Anne and Alex. These three bears were originally the property of Anne Clay - former friends from the time of Mr Simpson's residence in London. They were bequeathed to the collection when Anne died in November 2004. The bears are all of Far Eastern manufacture and are named after Anne herself and her two great-nieces. This teddy bear was made in China for Cuddle Wit Inc. who are stationed in New Jersey in the USA. Probably made in the 1990s.