Teddy Bear

Gordon the Guardsman - William Simpson Teddy Bear Collection

This teddy bear was named ‘Gordon the Guardsman' by Mr William Simpson who was an avid collector of more than 250 teddy bears. Gordon the Guardsman is made of a ginger brown fabric, and has a swivel head and jointed limbs. This teddy bear wears black cotton trousers, a red cotton jacket with a black collar and cuffs and trimmed with silver braid and gilt buckle and buttons, as well as a black guardsman style high hat. Gordon the Guardsman has a label stitched at its lower back with 'Made in Indonesia exclusively for Dean's Rag Book Co.' written. The teddy bear fits into a dark blue box with its name on a label on the front and 'Dean's Rag Book Co. Ltd., company trademark and Mini Bear' on lid. An information leaflet is stored inside.

Gordon the Guardsman belongs with 5 other bears: Billy the Bellboy, Bob the Policeman, James Bear, Florrie the Floweseller and Bernie the Beefeater. These are all a set of Dean's miniature bears however they were actually made in the Far East under contract from Dean's.