Teddy Bear

Teddy B - William Simpson Teddy Bear Collection

This teddy bear was named 'Teddy B' by Mr William Simpson who was an avid collector of more than 250 teddy bears. Teddy B has brown fur, a swivel head and jointed limbs, and is wearing cream cotton dungarees with 'Teddy B' embroidered in red on the bib as well as a small suitcase shaped label in plastic bag attached to the dungarees.  This teddy was made by Dottie M Ayers Co. Baltimore, trading as The Calico Teddy, and is one of their limited edition teddies with Teddy B being 198B of 2000.  Furthermore, Mr Simpson notes that Teddy B is a representation of a Roosevelt Bear which was featured in stories in the American Press in about 1904.

Teddy B was acquired by Mr Simpson in 1999 from a woman in Brighton named Sue Pearson.