Teddy Bear

Sylvester - William Simpson Teddy Bear Collection

This teddy bear was named ‘Sylvester' by Mr William Simpson, who was an avid collector of more than 250 teddy bears. With a swivel head and jointed limbs, Sylvester wears a gold neck ribbon with a card tag attached with 'Merrythought teddy bear, ~60' on the front and 'about 1960' on the reverse. Sylvester is also wearing a knitted sage, wine and cream jacket with 4 gilt buttons. A maker's label is sewn onto this teddy bear's back right pad.

Mr Simpson bought Sylvester at the Kingston Maurward Teddy Fair in October 1999, but the teddy bear is believed to have been manufactured about 1960. In a note left by Mr Simpson, he writes, 'He has chummed up with the "Good Bears " Representative, Sylvia'.