Thornycroft children

Some of the Thornycroft children feeding pigeons

Some of John I. Thornycroft's children feeding pigeons, possibly on the lawn of the family home Steyne Wood House, Bembridge, Isle of Wight. The identification of the two men are not known and the lady in white with the hat is also unknown but the others are the children. Identifying the daughters exactly is not easy as they are close in age. The young lad on the far left is Isaac Thomas (Tom) (b.1881), then left to right, Mary Beatrix (b.1875) and Ada Frances (b.1877) (not sure which is which), unknown lady perhaps a governess, Eldred Elizabeth Anne (b.1879), Edith Alice (b.1871), Blanche Coules (b.1873). Taken around 1891. From the Thornycroft family archives

children feeding pigeons