Trade Weight

Bronze post Medieval quarter ounce trade weight

A copper alloy trade weight 1714-1826. It is circular, the diameter of the bottom being slightly smaller than the top, which gives the sides a slight slope inward towards the base. The top has a raised circular border. In the inset panel is an circle, approximately in the centre of the face. On this are three symbols, spaced around the circle: at the top is a sword most likely representing the sword of St. Paul, on the right hand side is a crown with 'G' under it and the bottom has the image of a ewer.  The crown and G would suggest that it dates to the reign of George III due to the placements of the symbols.

This trade weight was unearthed by a metal detectorist around the Winchester area.

This item can also be found on the Portable Antiquities Scheme website as: HAMP-C47BCA

A bronze post Medieval quarter ounce trade weight