Young woman in devotional pose

Lithophane Young woman in devotional pose

Lithophane, porcelain, smear glazed, showing a young woman in devotional pose, a large bouquet of flowers before her, in the surroundings of a baroque church, the lithophane in a frame of leaded glass panels, amber and ruby flashed and engraved; impressed mark 'KPM' with sceptre, pattern number 287 and single letter 'N', made by the Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur, Berlin, Germany, c1840

This image is described by the makers as 'eine betende italienerin nach Mues' (Italian girl at prayer after Mues); however the source is believed to be ‘Die betende Römerin, ‘Roman girl at prayer’ (1850) by the Dutch artist Jan Baptist Lodewijk Maes (1794-1856).

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