Mr William Simpson (1915-2013) was a keen collector of teddy bears. His first teddy bear named Rupert, bought in 1917 from Mrs Kennedy’s wool shop in Putney, was given to him as a
Tools tell us about the society that made them. The more advanced a society, the more it produces, and the more tools it uses. The story isn't one of continual development as there
Following the lengthy process of acquiring the Oakley Hoard, permission was given for me, HCT’s Archaeology and general objects conservator, to begin work in August 2019. Freshly
Blanche (on the far right in the photo) was born in Hammersmith, London on 21 December 1873. Her parents were Sir John Isaac Thornycroft and Blanche Ada Thornycroft (nee Coules).
Edward Hart was born 30 July 1847, the son of William Hart, a Christchurch taxidermist. His father had become interested in natural history as a boy and passed on his skills, and
Until the arrival of Samuel Colt at the Great Exhibition of 1851 with his display of percussion revolvers, British gun makers had largely neglected this style of weapon except for
Fusee chains were used in portable time pieces such as pocket watches, and allowed the pieces to keep time accurately. For over a hundred years Christchurch was a major producer of
Until 1672, all of the coinage issued by the Crown in England was of gold and silver. By law, the face value of the coin corresponded to its precious metal content, which meant
Accession No.SH1995.505 Collecting and displaying examples of Hampshire's industrial design is supported by a team of skilled restorers in the conservation workshops in Winchester,